Through its Restorex brand, Biota Laboratories has been developing herbal-based products that support healthy hair growth for over 10 years.

The miracles of ivy are now brought to your hair. Restorex scientists developed the phytosterol substance by researching the effects of ivy leaf on growth. Phytosterol is a herbal extract obtained from ivy; it stimulates the cells that cause hair to grow and promotes healthy hair growth. 

Restorex herbal formula containing phytosterol improves the health of both scalp and hair, stimulating hair growth. Herbal vitamins and minerals in the formula nourish the hair roots, protecting and strengthening healthy, growing hair. 

Exporting to international markets in numerous countries across the world, Biota Laboratories is fast on the way to creating a global brand. Today, Biota products are sold in 60 countries across the world, from South America to Russia, and from Saudi Arabia to Australia. Garnering attention by winning awards in Turkey, coupled with success and awards in other countries, Biota Laboratories always aims to be better, even more different and even more innovative, by combining R&D with consumer research.  Biota is a sector leader in providing completely herbal and natural solutions to the different needs of all types of consumers at different sales points, offering brands for both the pharmacy and consumer markets. While Biota pharmacy brands, Bioxcin, Bioder and Nutraxin, are stocked in over 24,000 pharmacies across Turkey, consumer brands, Bioblas, Restorex and Biota59Elements, are available at thousands of retail outlets, including hypermarkets, chain stores and Perfume boutiques.

From Chairman of the Board of Directors, Cihat Dündar;

Biota...in fact it’s just a 10-year story...a success story of becoming a market leader in Turkey with revolutionary brands and going on to export to 40 countries...with a dream that began many years ago, we embarked on our journey in 2002 and today we are still building on our success both at home and abroad.

When we set off, we took our strength from nature. We tried to understand a miracle: this was the miracle of the 59 elements. The human body consists of 59 elements that also exist in the ground. This is why Biota believed in the power of partnership between humans and nature. With science at our side, we harnessed the 59 elements passed onto plants from the earth and set them to work on human health and beauty. As well as believing in the rich flora of Anatolia, we also trusted Turkish scientists and dermatologists. Through the diligent efforts of our team, a team who love their jobs and respect both people and nature, we were able to offer people health and beauty derived from plants. The products we developed as a result of many years of R&D investment are today stocked in varying brands at all Turkey’s pharmacies, Perfume shops and markets. The success we have achieved in both Turkey and other countries scattered across all four corners of the world is an indicator of customer satisfaction and trust in Biota. Biota has always been ambitious, and the road to achieving high ambitions necessitates hard work, trust in the future and making new investments. Therefore, Biota now operates from Turkey’s largest, and Europe’s third largest, pharmaceutical factory. At our new production site, which has a 35,000 m2 indoor area, hundred of members of the Biota family carry out research to manufacture the best products for human health and beauty; thousands of Biota family members are still working hard to bring these products to you. With its new goals and products offering 100% herbal solutions, Biota will continue to be at the side of consumers, just as it has always been.